Self Care is Selfless— Not Selfish

Self Care is Selfless— Not Selfish

The most common misconception that women have is that self care is selfish. I’ll tell you what— 


The people that came up with that idea probably aren’t very happy. 

In this day and age, we have people pulling us in all different directions. They tell us who we are and who we shouldn’t be. But when did we decide that we would let them choose who we are? The answer is we didn’t! 

The next time somebody tells you that self care is selfish, tell them they are flat-out WRONG. 

Because the truth is, we all need a little down time so that we don’t lose our marbles— In reality… Self care is selfless. With all of this being said, I wanted to give you a 2 valuable “tips” on how to rejuvenate and recuperate— So grab your cozy blankets and cups of tea, and off we go!


Heal The Body, and The Mind Will Follow

I’m sure you have all heard the phrase “Your body is a temple” or a variation of it at least once in your life— But try this one on, “Heal the body and the mind will follow” 

This being said, this tip is extremely simple, but it works wonders—


Ok, ok, hear me out…

It’s a trick straight out of Mum’s book, right?… But seriously, It works! 

If you are somebody that struggles with sleeping (aka you are an insomniac) it has been proven that regularly taking warm baths can help reset you sleep clock! 

Not only that, but studies have shown that taking a warm bath releases “happy chemicals” such as serotonin and dopamine! 

If you want to be extra fancy pants with your bath, you can buy Epsom Salts— We recommend Dr Teal’s lavender ones. These salts have been proven to alleviate all of those pesky aches and pains that we experience while under stress. (Not to mention they smell AMAZING!) We also highly recommend you use essential oils to jazz up your bath! Different oils aid different feelings, however for the purposes of stress a mix of lavender and rose oil will serve you best.


Unique Starts With “U”!

The way we see ourselves is important, yes? And taking care of our bodies is equally as important! What we eat, what we surround ourselves with, the list goes on… 

My point is, you are very important. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise! 

I get it, nowadays this kind of mindset is hard to get into with all of these unrealistic standards being shoved in your face… 

The best way to block all of this stuff out is to turn off your phone— Unplug! You won’t regret it. 

And keep in mind, that when you come back you will still see this kind of stuff. It sucks, but that is the world we live in… 

But just like people, confidence comes in all shapes and sizes. 

Sometimes its as simple as getting dressed up and all fancy just to dance around your kitchen— and sometimes it takes a little bit more, but that’s okay too! I know it’s cheesy, but unique starts with “U”… You have to embrace what you’ve got. 


So with all of this in mind…


Go get ‘em gorgeous!! ~