5 Happy Habits For 2022

5 Happy Habits For 2022

With the new year quickly approaching, so is the expiration date on all of those unresolved New Years resolutions. I see so many articles talking about what you should put on your list of resolutions, but not so many talking about positive habit building…
SO without further ado, here are some valuable “Happy Habits” to carry with you into the new year!


1. Self care routine


Self care has been preached since beauty blogging has been a thing— but in all seriousness, we need it.


Easier said than done, right? Mmm, not exactly.

A little while ago I wrote a blog post on how self care is essential to the way we function. (You can access it here: https://pinkhairco.com/blogs/self-care-is-selfless-not-selfish/self-care-is-selfless-not-selfish) That statement in COMPLETELY valid! However on the flip-side there are also people who do not find themselves worthy of a little self love.


But I’ll let you in on a little secret…

Everyone, yes EVERYONE— is worthy of love.

Especially you.

You don’t have to do it everyday— baby steps and accepting imperfections are key. But pick a day (or time) you are not busy on the 'ol calendar, and set that as your “self care day”.


In the blog post I linked above (also the gift guide: https://pinkhairco.com/blogs/gift-guide-2021/pink-hair-cos-2021-gift-guide) you will find all of Pink Hair Co’s favorite things to help you with your self care journey. 

So with that all in mind, lift that chin up a little higher and smile…

Cause 2022, hasn’t got anything on you!


2. Treat yourself —
Get into the habit of buying nice things for yourself, and your self worth will improve. 
I know it sounds a little silly… And you may be asking yourself; “Why would I buy myself a gift?” Or, “My new year’s resolution is to save NOT spend!”


Well, there is a big difference between and impulse buy versus if it makes you happy. Impulse purchases are where this habit can be detrimental… However, if you see a dress in the store and love how it looks AND makes you feel… Why not get the dress? Go for it! Is that bag calling your name? Again, GO FOR IT! 


Buying a gift for yourself every now and then is a good practice to get into. But just be mindful, and ask yourself “Does this really make me happy?”


3. Get enough sleep


Ah yes, insomnia… My worst nightmare (pun intended)


Perhaps this one is on your list of new year’s resolutions already— however let me just stress the importance.

We rely on sleep as one of our foundations, along with food and water. Without sleep we literally cannot function. 

2020 and 2021 have rendered us— Sleepless. Now more than ever, as we approach the new year we should leave our bad sleep habits behind us.


There are certain mattresses that can help end your sleepless nights… Getting exercise and eating good foods, and even taking a hot bath can help. Once again, in the self care blog post there is more information on how taking a bath can reset you sleep clock. 


4. Digital detox


It’s for sure harder than it looks— I mean, letting go of something that makes life so “easy”?


But, in reality, it is the very thing that enables our bad habits. 


Too much screen time can lead to bad sleeping patterns, aggression, and is the a big cause of stress. With social media pushing unrealistic beauty standards and other toxic things into your face, sometimes a break is imminent. (And completely needed at that)


Putting your portable pal aside may take a bit of effort, and even some adjusting to— but it certainly is worth it.


5. Gratitude


Yes, quite “cliché”...

However now more than ever is the time to reflect.


We often get lost in the stress and chaos of modern living, that we take for granted what is in front of us.


Stop to smell the roses, hug someone, keep a gratitude journal of all the things that you feel grateful for! 

Sometimes, it helps ground us just to think of all the things that make us happy…



Thank you all so much for finishing off the year with us at Pink Hair Co! We are so grateful to have you as a part of our journey. So let’s raise our glasses and give a big hooray!


Happy 2022 everyone!! 🎉